I am a game designer with over 15 years of experience, ranging from mobile to handheld to console titles, and have contributed to over 20 shipped games. I have focused lately in level design and scripting, but have done everything from audio implementation to narrative work in the past.

I began my career during the GameBoy Color days, doing level design and artwork for Spider-Man. I also contributed to cutscene work and character animation. I worked on a handful of GBC titles before becoming a designer when the company transitioned to the GameBoy Advance. I worked on a number of titles as the lead designer through the years on licensed titles such as SpongeBob, the Powerpuff Girls and Finding Nemo. When the Nintendo DS came out, I transitioned to designing 2.5D and 3D games on the handheld. When Vicarious Visions was given the opportunity to develop the sequel to Marvel Ultimate Alliance, I was one of the first mission designers on the project. Afterwards I worked on Wii exclusive features for Guitar Hero and the well-received Roadie Battle. Next, I was able to work on one of Activision’s newest franchises, Skylanders, on the brand new 3DS.

Most recently, as part of mobile start up Robot Invader, I have taken on more implementation roles.  Besides designing and arting levels, I have helped to design and implement game mechanics, UI, and objectives on a number of games.

As a designer, I strive to get the small details right that make a game great. I’m a great self motivator, and love collaborating with engineers and artists. Whether it’s designing levels, writing a GDD, or creating a narrative, I work hard to create fun and challenging experiences for the player.


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